It’s My Birthday!

Well I am officially 21.

This this a huge milestone, as you are officially an adult across the whole world. Many would welcome this birthday by heading to the club with some of their closest friends and drink the night away. I am happy to be at home celebrating with my baby and amazing boyfriend.

As a teenager you envision what your early twenties will look like; maybe university, your first condo, a new boyfriend, attending all the coolest parties. Although my life is already so far from that, I am so blessed and proud of where it has taken me. I would have never thought at 21 I would be where I am today. I have so many people to thank for supporting me throughout these couple few years, as well as my son, for teaching me the true meaning of life and to pursue what you are passionate about.

With my birthday being right between Christmas and New Years, it is such a busy time of year. We are exhausted from all our Christmas festivities, so if your wondering how I will be spending my big 21st, I will be laying low at home with my family, focusing on my resolutions, then going out for dinner. It is the perfect day for me

In celebration I am hosting my first giveaway:

To enter head over to my Instagram and follow the instructions. For an additional entry comment on this blog post with what your New Years resolutions are.

Photos thanks to the amazing Amber Leigh Photography

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Party Skirt – T and J Designs, from T’s Once Upon a Tea Leaf

Black Bodysuit – T’s Once Upon a Tea Leaf 

Choker – Ts Once Upon a Tea Leaf 

Cake Topper – Little Sprout Creations 

Cake T shirt – Sweet Life Apparel & Gifts

Makeup – Rose Quartz Makeup Services

Hair – Amanda Ten Brink 

Lashes – Leong Cosmetics 

xo, Deanna


12 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Amber says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gorgeous photos!!
    2017’s personal resolutions will be to become more active and healthy with my fiancé and work hard towards losing weight for my 2018 wedding, along with getting everything made and ready for our DIY wedding… Professionally I aim to exceed all company goals at my new job and get my own small business started on the side!!
    Thanks for the incredible giveaway opportunity, all the best in 2017!!


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